Unpacking Trust

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About This Course

You’re about to take part in a very powerful course. We pride ourselves on offering simple, practical, and POWERFUL tools that are field-tested and proven effective. We love this work, and our experience tells us that nothing is more important than BUILDING, MAINTAINING, REPAIRING, AND ACCELERATING trust.

Trust has been talked about throughout the ages. For centuries, if you shook hands on it, you had an agreement that you could TRUST.

By the 1980s we were asking, “Whatever happened to the meaning of a handshake?” Now, there’s been a shift from the power of your WORD to the power of a CONTRACT. Documented proof, drawn up by a third party.

Trust is one of the world’s biggest five-letter words. One of the problems with talking and writing about trust is that it is just TOO BIG. It is packed with emotional context, logical analysis, historical baggage, and future fears. It becomes so vague that Trust is useless in real-world situations. Lack of Trust can be the biggest roadblock when creating a cohesive team.

In this course, we’ll break it down into 10 Key Traits you can more easily manage. We’ll use simple and clear definitions, models, exercises, and real-life practices. We at New Legends Now have been using and refining Unpacking Trust for over ten years in organizations large and small.

We are confident that when you complete Unpacking Trust, you will have a greater ability to assess, build, repair, accelerate, and manage trust. While unleashing the power of trust may take moments of courage, true humility, a willingness to listen, and a spirit of forgiveness, we promise you the journey of Unpacking Trust is WELL worth the effort!

Building Trust

Leb Tannenbaum blends an extensive organization development consulting background with the real-time experience of being an “inside” executive in three highly successful companies over the past 25 years.

With deep roots in organizational development and change management, Leb specializes in executive level coaching, leadership development, culture development, team formation and development, and all aspects of integration and acquisition work.